May 21-25, 2015. Cultural heritage of women and entrepreneurship 

Swedish network in Estonia


Anne Saar and Ülle Vahtra, Lõnga Liisu, Pajusti

In year 2000 Anne and Ülle started their knitting company LLC Lõnga Liisu in Pajusti in Lääne-Viru near Rakvere, beside the old oak-tree forest on the second floor of the clubhouse.  Eight weavers and seamstress are working in the firm, where they also have a sales-room. They design all models themselves.

Besides selling in Estonia they export to USA, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Russia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. They attend yearly the Lübeck Christmas Market, which is oldest market in Europe. Since 2012 they also attend the Lüneburg Christmas market.

For a visit, please contact

Ülle and Anne +372 5121214; +372 5172335

During the visit a long-term co-operation was established with a Swedish entrepreneur and network member, Marita Svensson.

Virve Transtok, Lääne Viru College

Virve is Head of Chair of Entrepreneurship and Accountancy at Lääne-Viru College, which was established in 2007.

The curricula and the teaching are developed and conducted in cooperation with the employers and professional associations (LVRKK Development Plan and Implementation of the Development Plan in a year 2015. Accountancy, Business Administration, Assistant Manager, Social Work and Commercial Economics have been assessed by the international teams of experts and have been accredited by the Estonian Higher Education Quality Council.


The basic objectives are:
1. To train specialists on the basis of higher educational and vocational curricula in the field of health and welfare, social sciences, business and law, science and service.
2. To carry out applied research and developmental activities in these fields.
3. To provide re-qualification courses.

The current internationalisation plan focuses on active participation in various international projects; a continued effort to increase student and staff mobility; developing the understanding between different cultures; increasing the interest of students and academic staff to study foreign languages, developing curricula in cooperation with international partners and representatives of labour market. We also support the lecturers` exchange in order to give the other students, who do not take part in the international exchange the possibility to benefit from the cooperation with the foreign educational institutions.

It is considered that all students regardless of their gender, nationality, race and religion should have access to education on the same conditions. We recognize the special needs of disabled students and offer support to all students with special needs.

Virve Transtok - Head of the Chair of Entrepreneurship and Accountancy
Lääne-Viru College
46609 Lääne-Virumaa
Tel: +372 329 5950 
Fax: +372 329 5951

Maarten H Van Gent, Vangent Holding OU, Porkuni

Maarten told us about his starting business in Estonia. As compared to other European countries there are many advantages to set up a company, it is easy and not so many restrictions as in other countries. He highly recommended us to do so

Mr. Maarten Herman van Gent first visited Estonia in May 1987, to play with a Belgian basketball team of Gent in a basketball tournament. He was the professional coach of this team.

In 1992 he started his first company in Estonia  - VanGent AS.
Through this company a real estate plus other companies have been established such as Gulf VanGent Holding OÜ, iGulf VanGent Holding is active in real estate, import & export and represent and manage foreign companies in Estonia.

In 2003 he set up Gulf Oil Estonia AS, the distributor of Gulf lubricant oils in Estonia, and two years later Globaloiltrading OU in Estonia and GULFOIL.SNG in Russia. In 2009 Global Oil trading bought and sold the JCN Biodiesel factory in Halle, Germany. In 2012 he incorporated Walkerbay Estonia OU, which imports boats from the USA and the same year AMC OUn in the fast food business.
Contact information:
Maarten H. van Gent
Unik talu
Pikavere küla
75202 Raasiku vald

Participants from Sweden:
Helen Karlsson, Bodil Nordgren, Birgitta Segerdahl, Marita Svensson, Sonja Torstensson, Maud Yngvesson

Participants from Estonia:
Elle Allik, Reena Curphey, Aivar Niinemägi, Sirje Wällman, Anne Saar, Ülle Vahtra and Liivika Harjo

Discussions about co-operation with the following entrepreneurs and organisations:

Priit Adler, NGO Ekokratt, Thematic Park of Clean Water and Garden of Senses

Priit Adler is member of the Board of Ekokratt and a Nature guide. He took the initiative to theThe Pure Water Theme Park, which focuses on clean water; and is the place where you can get answers to numerous questions: How does clean water spring up and how does life depend on clean water? And many other. The Water Park includes also the Garden of Senses, which is the first in Estonia.

The park also includes the following and many more:

  1. *Nature for hiking enthusiasts

  2. *Student programs for active study

  3. *For people with special needs

  4. *For technologically-minded young friends of nature


Skype: priedler

Sluvälja 3

Kuusalu küla

74601 Harjumaa (only in Estonian)

Reena Curphey, Oruveski Talu OÜ, Porkuni,Tamsalu

We visited the new studio of Reena. In the new studio she has her shop and workshop, where she can hold courses.

For more information on Reena and her company, see ”Network Estonia”.

Liivika Harjo, Võivere Wind Mill

For more information on Liivika, see ”Network Estonia”.

Struve Geodetic Art point in Estonia, part of  UNESCO World  Heritage since 2005.

Aqua Spa Hotel, Rakvere

This exclusive Spa Hotel and water park opened in 2008. It is located in Estonia North coast in centre of Rakvere, 99 km from Tallinn. Their advertisement says ”Probably the best spa in Estonia”.

Rakvere has a population of 17 000 and its history dates back as far as to the year 1302. Within a radius of 40 km there are several manors, Sagadi, Palmse and Vihula. You can make half-day trips to Lahemaa National Park, the oldest national park in Estonia.

For more information

Katariina Guild and Masters´ Courtyard, Tallinn

address: Vene 12, Tallinn 10123, +372 6418 476

For information see website Katariina Guild and

+372 6418083, +372 5046113

The following arts and handicraft workers were of special interest to the Swedish group and we will try to establish further contacts:

Handmade Fine Leatherworks, Kivihall ja Rannamets Nahakoda

Jane Rannamets,

Pille Kivihall,

Wood and felt design: Puu ja Putuka Pood

Valdur Tilk - presented his work at Formex Stockholm in 2009 (also in Swedish)

+372 6440126

+372 5234057 (Valdur)

Silk painting: Vahepealne Asutus

Aita Roemus

+372 58500685

Hans Kruusamägi, “the  Rye King”

For more information and pictures about Hans Kruusamägi and the Estonian Rye Route,

”The Kingdom of Rye”

The largest winter rye production area among Estonian agricultural farms has Simuna Ivax OÜ. In total 2950 hectares of agricultural land is used by the farm, out of which 800-850 hectares is under rye. The average grain yield of rye is 4-4,5 tons per hectare. High quality rye is marketed in Estonia and to some extent exported to other countries. The rye straw is used by farm for heating of industrial facilities. In 2007 the Estonian Rye Association awarded the general manager of the Simuna Ivax OÜ Hans Kruusamägi the honourable title of “The Estonian Rye King”.

The Rye Bread House is used for manufacturing of rye products like rye bread, beer and kvass. The Rye Trail of the King will be introduced to the visitors of Estonian Rye Route. On the trail guests will get acquainted with different winter rye varieties. Among others there will be visited the field of an old Estonian winter rye variety `Sangaste`. An overview about rye cultivation and management aspects will be provided to visitors.

Besides growing rye Hans has a large area of fish cultivation with different species of fish.

Facebook: yes

Muuga Manor, Rakvere

Folklore program with local musicians and dancers.

Our host: Aivar Niinemägi, PAIK

For more information about Estonian manors:

August 4-8, 2015. Estonian and Swedish work-meeting and discussions

Participants from Estonia: Sirje Wällman, ETNA and Elle Allik, PAIK

Participants from Sweden: Board members of Origin Resource Centre: Bodil Nordgren, Birgitta Segerdahl, Sonja Torstensson, Maud Yngvesson and network members

Work meeting

This meeting was one further step to consolidate our co-operation and to discuss continued networking, such as joint projects, firstly in Georgia, where we have contacts with Women in Georgian Regions. Training and education is another subject which unites our organisations.


Visit to entrepreneurs

We decided to engage our network members on both sides of the Baltic in holding holidays courses, such as testers or a few days´courses. Many entrepreneurs already hold courses or workshops. This can be developed further. During the days in Sweden the Swedish network members were invited to a buffé at the newly buil veranda at Maud´s and her husband Dick´s home.

We took the opportunity to visit entrepreneurs in Gränna and Tranås region. Here we visited Guldtackan, Jenny Andersson, Göberga, Tranås who is also a network member of Lingonleden, the touristic network initiated by Origin Resource Centre.

Slottsboden shop, Gripenberg, Tanås. fr left: Bodil. Maud, Sirje, Helen, Sonja and Elle.

Eva Sandgren, Hallska gården, Gränna showed us how to make paper out of cotton mixed with flowers. Here: Elle and Sirje watching.

We spent many hours in Birgitta´s garden discussing joint issues and how to go on with our network contacts. Here representatives of ETNA and PAIK in Estonia and Origin Resource Centre in Sweden.